Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen & Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen

CH Jus Wish Upon A Star


Ch Jus A Blast x Ch Jus Too Hot to Handle

‚Äč9/27/07 - 6/13/20

Cricket was our 2nd PBGV and is the foundation for all the dogs representing Always PBGVs.  She had a total of three litters and produced 18 babies.  Her progeny lives on in current generations that still mirror so much of her personality.  In 5 generations so far, there are 60 PBGVs in her direct line that wouldn't be here if not for Cricket and that first generation of Always PBGVs.

Cricket was an incredibly sweet girl.  But she could also be demanding of attention!  She would bark and bark and bark when visitors came to the house, until she was sufficiently petted.  Then she would go about her business.  She simply would not be denied the attention she believed she deserved!  She ruled the house wiht a wagging tail and none of our other dogs questioned her authority.  Cricket loved to carry toads around in her mouth, loved to eat and LOVED puppies.  She thought all puppies born into our house were hers and loved to play the role of grandma for any and all alike.

Cricket had developed congestive heart failure for which she had been on medication for a year.  Her condition was fairly well managed and we expected her to be around a couple more years. Unfortunately, a change in her medication this summer led to complications and she passed away with Bill and I at her side in June, 2020.  It was unexpected and sudden and we were devastated.  But we are so greatful for the generations we have here at the house that all bear a bit of resemblance to the one that started it all.

POAG (glaucoma) - Clear
OFA Hips - Fair
OFA Eyes - Normal