Truffle was our first PBGV. We had seen PBGVs on televised dog shows and decided we would find one for our next dog when our very old miniature schnauzer passed away.  Houston-area breeder Julie Shannon of JUS PBGVs helped us locate a beautiful 8-week old puppy in December of 2006 and a life-long PBGV adventure began.  

Truffle was an independent, confident, quirky, very smart girl who taught me so much about this wonderful breed.  She was my first show dog and the perfect traveling companion.  Truffle was quietly in charge.  She never needed to assert her dominance, the others in the house instinctively looked to her when they were scared.  I don't think she was afraid of anything, except the vet.  She snored through thunder, barked at the vacuum and enthusiastically tackled the critters in the yard none of the others would take on.  Truffle wasn't interested in hunting squirrels or rabbits.  However, she had a particular dislike for rats and snakes.  She killed numerous snakes including at least 5 coral snakes that I know of.  She didn't escape unharmed all the time and narrowly survived a brutal encounter with a venomous cottonmouth in 2016 when she received numerous bites across her back and flank.    

Truffle lived a great life but had some permanent damage to her liver and kidneys from early bouts with pancreatitis.  Despite that and the water moccasin encounter, she lived to 12 1/2 years old.  We miss her but are introduced us to the wonderful world of PBGVs.

Ch Jus Stealin' the Show x Ch Spellbound I Love Lucy

10/22/06 - 1/12/19

Ch Spellbound Jus Huntin' Truffles


Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen & Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen