Angel's Texas Turtle Doves


Ch Bernardo de Sinkovic x Ch Spanish Rose of the Angels


Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen & Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen

Paloma is a Spanish Water Dog.  We had intended to show her and potentially breed her beginning a foray into herding dogs.  However, Paloma ended up with pyometra after being in season and needed an emergency spay to prevent her from become critically ill.  We have decided to stick with our happy hounds as the SWDs can be incredibly intense and not necessarily the best fit with a pack of unruly scent dogs.  Paloma is extremely loyal to Bill and I but can be standoffish with strangers until she is sure you aren't here to kill everyone in the house.  Once convinced you are a friend and not a foe, she will tuck in next to you on the couch and nudge you until she gets a little love.

Paloma really only cares about playing ball.  She is the absolute definition of obsession when it comes to playing fetch and all the dogs know that all balls in the Cannon house belong to Paloma.